Shoes, Patent Hobo & Charms on Sale

  1. I popped into the mall at lunch today & found that the leather ballet flats & Legacy Stripe ballet flats were on sale at the boutique!! The stripe ones were $99 & the leather were $109 (I think)... not sure if the other shoes were on sale or not... my least favorite SA was there today so I didn't stay long.

    Then I walked through Macy's & discovered a Black Patent Ergo Hobo was 30% off (the brass was messed up though so I passed).. they also had the $ sign, the heart picture frame charms for $9.80! I picked up the $ charm for my Vegas trip!!!

    Happy shopping!
  2. I did not know Coach stores had sales??
  3. they do on shoes!
  4. Actually, I went to The Domain in Austin, TX yesterday, and they were having pretty much 50% off the Katelyn tennis shoes and the Josie flats - I'm going back today to pick up the Josies in Khaki, I'm so excited!

    Perhaps when I get back, I'll post a new thread to let people know...
  5. the $ charm for vegas is perfect! Love it!
  6. That's so cool! I hope they have the heart picture frames on sale at my Macy's too.