Shoes or Purses?

  1. Everytime I see a pair of shoes, sandals, heels etc that I like from LV, I will feel like buying them. But after I've checked the price tag, I'll change my mind. Coz I rather spend that money on a purse...

    But I would really like to own a pair one day. Just cant bring myself to do it..Will i ever?

    Does that happen to you too? I wonder.. or is it just me?
  2. i dont like to buy LV shoes because i know they will be out of fshion in a few months but my bags will always look good. i can not justify paying more than £100 ($200) for a pair of shoes.
  3. Yeah, there are a pair of sneaker from LV that I wanted, and they were over $400. Then I was like "well, I could have a purse for that much". I am very good with all my shoes, (no scuffs, etc), But I would be soo mad if they got dirt on them! LOL! So don't feel bad, you're not the only one!
  4. Nah, you're not the only one.

    Some may say that they won't be "in" anymore shortly after you buy them, but that shouldn't really matter... just as long as YOU like them, that's all that matters!
  5. Bags all the way for me!!!
  6. Yeay! I am not alone in this...!! No wonder the LV shoes 'dept' in my local boutique is always empty.."duh" .. :whistle:

    But I am sure there are LV Shoes Lovers here... right?
  7. I took me a long time to get my first pair, but I did it about 3 or 4 years ago, and now I have probably about a dozen.

    I really like each and evry pair and still wear them all. So far, none seem 'dated' to me, but I do tend to get classic mules (slides), loafers and sneakers.

    Sometimes, like right now, I do get 'saturated' with bags, so my vuitton obsession needs other avenues to expand and shoes are my favorite!
  8. I love LV shoes, especially the mules. However, I will probably never purchase any because I am a "shuffler". It takes just a minute before I am scuffing and shuffling. :sad:
  9. I would choose a purse over shoes any day.
  10. I like to collect them both but if I have a choice of only one of two, I always pick a bag over a pair of shoes.
  11. I try to buy bags only. I have a few accessories but no shoes.
  12. Bags > Shoes

    Actually I love both equally! BUT I find it much easier to justify dropping dough on a bag than shoes. Shoes get dirtier much easier and will wear so much faster than a bag.
  13. I'm the same, they are fun to try on but they are so expensive and for me, can hurt my feet (I don't normally wear high heels, and I only like LVs with heels!).

    Whereas with bags, they never hurt! (With the exception of certain Marc Jacobs bags, ugh! ;) )
  14. Purses over shoes for sure!
  15. I have a hard time spending over a couple hundred on shoes if they are not super classic looking and will last a very long time...Bags are such a better investment in my opinion...