shoes or bags!

  1. Hurray! Are you going to get the Eva as well?
  2. I would definitely say bags as well. I've put together a pretty decent collection of bags in the last 2 years (almost had a heart attack when I counted up how much money I've spent. When it. Comes to shoes, though, the amount I've spent on my 80+ pairs would sadly not even come close to paying for a chanel jumbo flap.
  3. Yes :smile: shoes this month Eva next month! :smile:
  4. I want the verona now :sad:
  5. I'm a bag girl, no question. Love shoes, but I cannot justify a lot of money on something I put on the ground and will destroy (I'm terribly hard on shoes).

    What did you decide to do, OP?
  6. i always go for bags before shoes, i found it hard to justify the price of designer shoes, i only own few designer shoes and i always got them on sale. i also can find a lot of beautiful shoes under 300$ that's as pretty as the 1500$, that is not the case i found with bags
  7. My two faves! Argh!

    Well I used to be so obsessed with shoes, but I couldn't really buy designer shoes simply cos they get worn out faster than bags. I still love shoes but if I had a choice to spend $500 on shoes or bags, I'd choose bags. For something so expensive, id rather take care of it well, so I'd get a bag. :smile:
  8. Just saw your update about both...sorry I missed it before. Choosing both solves that! Enjoy!
  9. I love both, but I think I'm more willing to splurge on a bag than a pair of shoes. I'm kind of hard on my shoes because I do so much walking, so a bag would last longer.
  10. i used to spend more on shoes than bags.
    but now, i spend em all to bags, since i don't wear any heels or flats.. sneakers is my bestfriend! :biggrin:
  11. Go for whatever you think you can use more...for me I would go for the LV bag....coz I don't like CL shoes....but you do need the shoes to go with the high end bag though, otherwise the look doesnot match
  12. Definitely the Louis Vuitton bag...I look at bags way more than shoes.
  13. I would have to agree with No Cute on this one. Unless you don't intend to walk much in them, a pair of CLs aren't going to look good for very long as it's impossible for them not to get dirty and scuffed up. A bag will be much easier to care for and will look nicer and last for much longer than a pair of designer heels.
  14. Bags. Shoe styles come and go or they kill your feet. A good bag or trendy bag works fit me everytime
  15. Oh I prefer both hehe..just new here ,hope you dont mind my commenting:heart::smile: