shoes or bags!

  1. me too :biggrin:
  2. For me it's bags all the way now! I used to into shoes a lot more. But as I get older, I need my shoes to be comfortable so I found I don't wear a lot of the high heels in my shoe collection. I wouldn't sell any of them though. But bags last a lot longer and have a much better resell value should you fall out of love with any.
  3. 1. If you already have a few designer bags, you should probably switch it up and get some nice shoes. The perfect CL shoes are hard to find; if you've discovered the perfect pair, you should buy them.

    2. Personally, I'm a bag person (haha this is the purse forum, after all). Aesthetically speaking, I love designer shoes. They can make an outfit. However, my number one priority with shoes is always comfort. Even though I'm only twenty one, I tend to spend most of my shoe money on the most attractive orthopaedic shoes I can find. I'm very lucky to have found some beautiful, classic styles.
  4. I was so sick of buying mid-range shoes that fell apart (or even designer - Jill Sander :-#) I am now trying to build a shoe collection comparative to my bags, not just the super-sexy kind but also shoes I can wear and wear. I don't think much of many styles of CL :ninja: (don't all stone me at once I do like the look of some) but I do love my new Pradas and Guccis but it took me years to actually stop wasting money on looky-likies or left-over almost-fit sale shoes, give myself permission and buy shoes I wanted in my size.

    If you have found a pair of shoes you absolutely love, in a wonderful colour and that fit like a glove :rolleyes: and you will love them and wear them forever I also say go for the shoes, go go go!
  5. bags for me all the way. I find it hard to get shoes in my size (EU41) and they always hurt so I hardly have any!!!
  6. Yup. Getting frustated to buy a shoes because the size always different a lot.
  7. I 'd say.....bags bags bags....
    Anyway I never wear stilettos.....I tried on a pair of Louboutin once..and couldn't even walk one meter or two.....
    A Russian lady in the shop told me she only wore them a couple of hours....and not everyday...
  8. I just bought one 2 weeks ago. It's good for 30 minutes.. not more than one hour.. haha!
  9. I'm in NYC and I think it's pretty much understood that you can't walk comfortably for any distance in these four inch heels. That's why woman carry huge bags, they wear inexpensive flats to get where they are going, then they break out the CL's when they arrive.
  10. Good tip! I'll do that from now. I'm short so I don't feel sexy without my heels.
  11. I like shoes more, but in your case I think you should get the bag instead of the heels because you can use it way more. High heels really hurt your feet and it's not good if you wear them on a daily basis.
  12. It never would have occurred to me that short women can't be sexy. My wife is 5'3", and she looks fine without any shoes at all! lol
  13. Haha! It makes me feel good tho. But, I'm only 5'1. She's taller.
  14. Definitely bags for me...heels are much too painful.
  15. I'm going for the shoes! :smile: