shoes on sale

  1. I checked out Fifth Avenue yesterday and saw many gorgeous shoes on sale. Bergdorf had the many varieties, mostly classic flats. I was tempted to get shiny pink shoes trimmed with black elastic all around (flats & pumps) but both of them were half to one size smaller than my size! Oh well, I did get the same flats in gold last week, so at least I didn't feel that sad...:sweatdrop:

    Chanel on 57th had great selections as well. Again, the kinds I like were not my size, :crybaby:but I'm sure many of you guys would like them. The ones I particularily liked were...

    1) flats with camelia, in dark denim
    2) booties with very Chanel tweed (there were few in size 9)
    3) long black boots with exposed back, held together by 5-6 buckles (I only saw them in size 10, around $1180)

    Ahhh... Petite girls (or ones with cute tiny feets) should have much more to choose from though, as size 36 seem to be filled with all types of shoes.

    Happy shopping if you happen to live in NYC or have a plan to come this month!
  2. Darn it! I wear size 5 and I don't live anywhere near NY! Thanks for the great info, though!