Shoes on sale and Denim Patchwork Carley

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I stopped by the Coch Store tonight to see some of the new items in person.

    They had some of their sandals and shoes on sale (1/2 price.) I really loved the Lindsey thong sandals when I saw them on the web site but didn't think $98 for a pair of "flip flops" was quite what I wanted to do. They are lovely in person - not just "flip flops" But they were on sale for $49! So I got them in the black/gunmetal combo. (my 1st coach shoes!) :yahoo: I'm almost thinking I might walk to the Coach near work to see if they have the gold or white ones in my size!

    I was a little dissapointed at some of the new things. The wallets are lined in a vinyl now. Some of the stuff didn't quite seem up to Coach quality. But maybe it's just lighter weight because it's for Summer! And after the Legacy stuff anything is lighter!

    On my way out of the mall I walked through Macey's and saw the Denim Patchwork Carley - too busy for me - but I LOVED the colors! Very pretty!
  2. Congrats on your new shoes!! Post pics if you get a chance.:yahoo:
  3. Here they are!!:heart::heart::heart:
    sandals 002.jpg
  4. There gorgeous I really want these and for 49 bucks I may have to get them!
  5. Those are the same flip flops I just got at the store a few weeks ago!
    Love them!
  6. Very cute!
  7. I have the same pair and I love them, but let me warn you:

    If you wear them say... 4x/week, you will notice in a month or a month and a half that the metallic on the leather rubs right off on the edges and where your toes and ball of your foot are, leaving just black leather. It looks terrible. I'm very disappointed but it is too late to return mine. The other SA's at my store have noticed the same problem with theirs.

    I don't want to rain on your parade! I just wanted to tell you that I discovered this problem with mine. They're still beautiful though and I plan on keeping them =D

  8. I tried these on but the soles were too "slippery" -- my feet kept slipping in them. I am a flip flop fanatic and own at least 20 pairs and these, to me, weren't wearable.

    flipflips are supposed to be fun -- i didn't want to spend my time scrunching my toes to keep them on my
  9. I, too, am a flip-flop fanatic. I worried about them not fitting, but I have MASSIVE feet-- they're half of my body weight, I swear (I'm 5'8'', 130 lbs, and I wear a size 10.5 shoe!)

    So I just got a size 11 and they were fine. But I hate that the metallic rubs off! :cry: My manager is worried we will get a lot of returns.