Shoes on last page of new catalog.....

  1. Has anyone noticed the gorgeous pair of shoes on the very last page of the new catalog? LOVE them! I wonder if they are Coach because it looks like they have a turnlock on the strap. These look like the Manolo Mary Janes that were on Sex & the City that Carrie found in the Vogue closet...what did she call them, an Urban Shoe legend or something like that... I see these in my future if they are Coach and they list them!!!
  2. They are very pretty! :drool: I would think they'd be Coach because 1) As you said, the turnlock, 2) They're in the catalog, and 3) The way the model is jumping, it looks like they wanted to show off the bracelet, bag and heels. The title does say "Head Over Heels", so I would assume they were Coach. KWIM? If they weren't Coach shoes, they wouldn't focus 2 pages on them. LOL that was kind of a long explaination!
  3. I saw those too...and I actually thought of the Sex and the City thing! :smile: I don't normally wear heels but those kind of make me want to.
  4. Those shoes are the "Fara"
    Style # Q211
    Black shown. Bronze.
    Sizes 5-10, 11B.
    Avail. August.
  5. Oh God, I am such an idiot! I saw that description, but I read it quickly and thought it was for the bag!!! You've just made my night!!! Thank you!
  6. ^^Hehe!^^
    You're welcome Ella!