Shoes on Ebay....Hmmm...

  1. I've recently been looking through Ebay auctions for Christian Louboutins, Manolos, etc. And the same question keeps popping into my mind....

    Where do these people find/buy these designer shoes that they are able to sell them at a 1/3 of the price and STILL make profit??!!!

    Is there like a secret outlet or something that only certain people know about? LOL
  2. Perhaps they are last seasons or they are fake? :shrugs:
  3. Hmm...all the ones I see in my size are either at retail or above.
  4. I know one seller that's apparently filthy rich and she shops the high end stores for sales on clearance designer goods, then she lists them in her eBay store. It seems to be a bit of a hobby for her. Yes, her stuff runs higher than most of the eBay sellers, but she's selling good stuff at a smaller profit margin.

    There are also fakes on eBay. Those tend to run cheaper, but any more, the scamming, pond scum, bottom feeders will mark the fakes at high prices to make buyers THINK they are real. Grr!
  5. You can go to NM last call and find a lot of the shoes that are on ebay. I have noticed that the louboutins in my size are generally the ones I see on ebay.
  6. A lot of the shoes are bought on an employee discount from the outlets...So a shoe that retails at 550, goes to the outlet, is 299, employee buys it at say, 50% off and sells it on ebay. Thus, they make a profit...but they risk their jobs in most cases...
  7. If you don't mind me asking, what is the seller's eBay id?
    I am always looking for reputable sellers that sell authentic items to buy from!:yes:

  8. Coco's Closet is her store name. Her user ID is ariail54. Don't expect low prices, but do expect good stuff!:nuts:
  9. I'm gonna go check out her items! Thanks!;)
  10. The ones they sell in bulk (listing the same kind of shoe in different sizes in multiple auctions) are most likely FAKES. If the origin of sale is Hong Kong, don't get it.
  11. Naturalgasgirl is another reputable seller on ebay of high end shoes, however her prices are often higher than retail, but at least you'd have the peace of mind knowing that her shoes are authentic.:yahoo:
  12. This is no exaggeration, I buy literally *all* my shoes on eBay, from Louboutins to flip flops. I think some sellers have special arrangements with stores to buy overstock, some are selling from their own collections (or are consigners for the collections of others), some are associated with retailers and are marking up from an employee discount. Regardless, there are tremendous deals to be had on shoes on eBay, even same season shoes. I just got a pair of new YSL pumps on eBay for $15 and they're genuine :smile:
  13. ....

    I get all my shoes from Ebay or Neiman Marcus last call. I recommend golfer_golfette for Chanel, Gucci on Ebay. I recently bought a pair of beautiful authentic Gucci from a seller located in Hong Kong:supacool:
  14. I've gotten two beautiful pairs of Louboutins (new in the box) for around $50. My best score on designer shoes was a pair of Dolce & Gabbana (couture line) pumps, new in the box, for less than $50. :nuts:

    I'd forgotten about Naturalgasgirl, shopalot. There's another seller Clarsanna (sp?), that sells last season designer goods that are the real deal. She's also a bit high, but who cares? It's less than retail and the real deal.

    Some of these sellers will sell things higher than the retail b/c it's impossible to find the item anywhere else. If you want it badly enough, you'll pay the price. I was in a MAD search for a pair of those Gucci gold pyramid heel mules from last summer for at least 6 months. I finally found them and the price was only around 25% off retail. Did I buy them? You bet yer tushie I did. Wore them yesterday, in fact. :supacool:
  15. Ok for the ladies who buy on Ebay how do you know the shoe will fit? Do you just go by measurements? Also, how do you know that it will be comforatble, do you just turn around and sell the shoes if they don't work out?