(Shoes) Not much difference, but if you had to choose. . .

  1. These (3" heel) -


    Or these (4" heel) -
  2. i think it depends on what you'd be wearing them for....but in general i'm all for the higher heels so i'd say 4 inches......
  3. I like the 2nd pair, a lot better. I'm not sure why, but I do. :o) I think pair #1 looks more comfortable, though. Can you try them on first?
  4. 3'' heels! 4" makes my heart beat fast just thinking about them! LOL!
  5. No I wish I could though :[ These are off Zappos.com so I read the reviews on both and you're right, a lot of women have said the first pair are extremely comfy (can walk in them all day without hurting). For the second pair a majority of the women have said they are comfy (lots of padding), but at the same time they dont recommend you wear them when you know you're going to be walking a lot.
  6. 3"
  7. 3"
  8. Not much difference so I would look at the price. If it's the same still, I'd lean towards the 4".
  9. Thanks kathyrose! The 4" ones are actually a great deal cheaper than the 3" ones, lol. I'm starting to lean towards them myself. I'll let you guys know.
  10. 3". I noticed the 2nd one was Chinese Laundry? I had a pair of those, friggin killed my feet. Never again!

    You're looking for black pointy heels, right? Me tooooo, post more if there's any that look good to you! =)
  11. Will do!
  12. I usually say the bigger/taller the better, but the actually shoe of three inch look better.
  13. If you can walk in them, I say go for hte 4" heel!
  14. The higher the heel the sexier the legs look IMO. If you can walk comfortably in the four inch heels go for it!
  15. 3" because I know I can't walk with 4"...
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