Shoes needed for graduation ceremony!!

  1. Hey girls, so it's not my ceremony but my bf's in a weeks time. I have no idea what kind of shoes will go well with this dress that i'm planning to wear. And please let me know your opinion as to wear it for the day time 'picture taking' or night time convocation and which kind of shoes. do you think i should put my hair up or down, straight or curls?? hehe Thanks =)

  2. I would wear mabe peep toe wedges in black for day and strappy black or silver metallic heels for night. Is the dress from J Crew?
  3. I think that's a definitely a daytime dress. I'm thinking maybe metallic flats just because they're more practical. If you want to wear the dress for nighttime, I think you can pair it with black peep toe pump or heels.
  4. its from a local brand called jeanswest in australia.

    When you girls mentioned metallic flats, did you mean sth like this??

    83142_BK0001.jpg 83154_YL5596.jpg

    Thanks for the opinion and keep em coming!! =)
  5. Those flats are adorable!
  6. no one ??? please help me, am getting even more desperate for a matching pair of shoes!! Lols.
  7. I like the idea of peep toe wedges, in maybe black or silver. Since you'll problably be standing/walking a bit they should be cute and comfy...sorry no pics.
  8. I think it could work day or night. I'd wear black peep toes or black strappy sandals, with my hair down
  9. anyone thinks its ribbon overkill if there is one on the shoe???
  10. I'd wear black shoes.
  11. anyone thinks white is good with it??