Shoes 'N Bags


Dec 29, 2006
Okay peeps, do your Shoes have to match your Bbag you are going to use that day?

We are all your opinions on this. For me, my shoes have to match my bag (as in the same or close enough colour). If not, at least my belt that I am showing must match my bag....or else I feel like ridiculous.

Of course then there are if im dressed totally in black and I want to add that one pop of colour , then that's okay...

What do you think and how do you guys standardize your own outfits?:woohoo::lol:


Dec 4, 2006
Personally, I dont intentionally match my bags and shoes.

I generally wear black shoes - and now all of the bbags I own are black, so I when/if I do match them, I do it without thinking... but I dont have a problem wearing different coloured shoes to bags.

Eg - an all black outfit can be spiced up with a coloured bbag


Feb 13, 2007
I don't usually match my shoes with my bags though I do match my bag with my outfit. My wardrobe is filled with neutrals so I like when I can use my bag to add a bit of color:smile:

That said, I do have a favorite pair of dark green Marni clogs that I like to wear with my Pine City, purple suede ballerinas to go with my violet courier, gray MiuMiu ballerinas to go with my plomb city, etc. I don't always wear them together though