SHOES - MORE THAN 50% off at NM!!!

  1. ok- I have the ultimate tip Im gonna share with
    I have the worlds best SHOE SA at NM in Las Vegas..I ship from there to NJ cuz they take visa cards( I use visa mac so PHH doesnt find out..hee.hee.hee..) I just scored a pair of KILLER Chanel shoes,Tods shoes and Prada shoes from her..for ..wait..yes..500-TOTAL!!!!!!!!!!!!OY VEY!
    Her name is Ruby and she can find ANYTHING..she rules....I am so excited cuz I have always wanted these shoes to begin with..and they are soooo hot.I get them in a week..will post pics..hurry and check out the NM sales!they rock!especially if you have a good SA!
  2. congrats on the new shoes! what a great deal. i scored some pradas 50% off at shirise and would love to find osme more deals!

    does PHH hate shoes too?
  3. ^yep..go figure..LOL.....Call Ruby if you need a Prada shoe..she is so great at finding ANYTHING..and they have a toll free #!! LOL!
  4. Hi Jill,
    Please reply or pm with 1-800 number. They take Visa??
  5. yep..Its my best kept secret..LOL! Will Pm you the # tomorrow,gotta get to bed before its time to get up!LOL!
  6. wow i thought all NM takes is amex & NM card! i'll be in Las Vegas this wkd. i'll need to check it out :smile:!
  7. We're going to Las Vegas in a month ... I hope there will still be some good sales when I go.:sad:
  8. NM does have a good deal on shoes right now. I got a pair of pink Louboutins for only $261 (retail $520).
  9. wow Jill, that's a great deal!
    i wish i lived in america too!
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