Shoes in VS Catalog

  1. Hi!

    Does anyone know if Victorias secret always uses shoes in their catalog pictures that only they carry? There is a pair of shoes that the model is wearing in one of the pictures and I love them, but they aren't in the catalog and aren't on the website.

  2. The shoes are usually what they carry. You can try calling their ordering hotline number and asking about the shoes. The number should be on the catalog or it is definitely on the website. Also, there is a possiblity that they may be sold out before you recieved the catalog. you might want to call them first and see what they say.
  3. Thanks! I'm on hold now with VS line.
    Here are the shoes in case anyone recognizes them.
  4. bummer, they aren't shoes they sell and they don't know anything about them. :sad:
  5. that's false advertisement.
  6. on another note: does anyone know if VS shoes are good quality? Some of them look so nice, and I'd really like to buy them, but not if they fall apart after a month.
  7. I have a few boots and shoes from Victorias secret catalog. I like that they carry size 11 and have been buying shoes from them for at least 10 years. I have not had any problem with the quality of the shoes. They also sell certain designers shoes now FYI.
  8. I have a few pairs of their Colin Stuart line (which makes most of their strappy heels and sandals) and they have all been very comfortable and decent quality for the price. I have no complaints about VS shoes.
  9. Talbots has some similar shoes in the same price range - the same front but without the ankle straps. Their shoes are about the same quality as VS - each last 3 or 4 years.
  10. I have three pairs of high heel shoes from VS:
    1) satin peeptoe pumps - i never wear these....the inside of the shoe is lined in this plasticky leather. it makes the shoe uncomfortable.

    2) strappy sandals - these are fairly comfortable for what they are.

    3) suede strappy sandals - these were the best! i wore them a lot a few summers ago.

    So, overall, it really depends on the shoe. Some of them are comfy, others not so much. They're fairly well made for their price range.

    hope this helps!