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  1. Hi all,

    I am constantly looking for NICE, SEXY shoes in small sizes (im a size 5) and dont have any luck in stores, so im stuck to shopping online... Do you all have any tips of good sites or stores (since im hesitant of shopping online, in case they dont fit etc) that carry smaller sizes, especially size 5 :smile:

    Thanks so much
  2. Zappos has a good return policy. I like Stuart Weitzman for smaller sizes -- I wear a 5.5. They have a broad selection of styles from sexy to casual. Good luck!!
  3. I feel ya! I'm a size 4 and a half kids. They don't make KIDS heels, so I always have to go with 5's, which are a PITA to find AND they're big on me! :sad:

  4. Ohhh I definitly know how youre feeling.. theres another topic in the shoe section here on making shoes fit smaller, lol... :yes:
  5. I have been stalking Zappos for size 4.5 (sandals) and 5 (loafters, pumps and boots) and I have had some luck with their shoes with Stuart Weitzman. However Stuart Weitzman shoes aren't exactly the most comfortable.

    I found a website that has some cute shoes (not all the shoes are cute but it's worth a look) but I really want these platform wedges in size 4.5, I can't wait to get them!

    I also bought these sandals for casual wear and OMG they are the most comfortable sandals with the flexible sole!
  6. I am size 35 eu and although stores stock I mostly order online and send a lot back. It is a pain though. Wish I was one size bigger.
  7. i can't help much because i'm in Australia, but i'm around a size 4 or 5 depending on the designer, for boots i can get away with a 6 by using insoles. I do most of my shoe shopping online and always ask if shoes are true to size or if they run 1/2 a size or a whole size smaller/bigger and when possible i also ask for insole measurements (length and width) just to be sure.

    I would say that so far, about 80% of the time, the shoes i buy online fit me :smile:
  8. I am a size 4.5 and I totally know how it feels to have small feet. Nordstroms carry a pretty good selection of sizes. I've managed to score a few nice ones there.

    If you're planning a holiday next, I'd suggest Hong Kong. It's a shoe heaven for small feet. Manolos.. Sergio Rossi's...Zanottis.. you name it they have it in small sizes. I emptied my pockets just on shoes during my last trip there :smile:
  9. I'm a 5 or 5.5. I know Nordstroms in Florida used to have a lot of smaller sizes so maybe online they do also. I know it's always a pain to find shoes in my size I like. I'll find a shoe I like and they never seem to have my size.
  10. Dillards now has a small shoe selection, of their brand. Some are really cute! The larger stores should have them available for try on, otherwise you can buy online. Nordstroms is great for odd and small sized feet too.

    OH and if you have a DSW near you, they usually have 5's and 5.5's.
  11. I tried on Jimmy Choos in Hong Kong and only 1 pair out of 4 or 5 styles in size 4/4.5 fit me! I think some of the styles run bigger than others. I didn't know that Manolos ran in size 4.5, I should check that out next time.
  12. agreed, i wear a general 5 (certain brands i go up, others i go down), and i always have luck at nordstroms. also, ever so often, particular nordstroms (chicago and valley fair i know of for sure) have "under 5 and over 10" best friend always calls my to let me know, because there's always a stray Louboutin or two in the racks...
  13. bellagazer, how do Louboutins run? Do they run on the small side?
  14. i personally feel like they run true to size, unless they're very high. i wear a 35 in louboutins.
    in reference to other brands, i wear:
    louis vuitton: 5
    marc jacobs: 5
    manolo blahnik: 5.5
    jimmy choo: 5.5
    chanel: 5.5

    however, i know there are other women on this forum who own way more louboutins than i do, and probably have a better idea how they fit from style to style.. i only have 5 pairs.
  15. I have the opposite problem, i am big foot and it is sometimes hard for me to find shoes. I hate it! My friend at work is a 5.5. We talk about the pain of shoe shopping all the time. She is wearing black Rikki's today, so they defiately come in smaller sizes. They look really cute!;ES_JSESSIONID=G4snSRv7LLTr11dnlb6Q7T4GyR0LnPLnFLxDFh0FFNnY0mGnhbCG!200093214?namespace=catalog&origin=main.jsp&event=p.shoe&pid=14417&cid=137002&ep_tag=feature1#
    Because it is difficult for her to get shoes, she usually buys online or at the outlets (she has a lot of luck at the outlets!) and if she sees something in a store and she likes it + they have her size, she will always buy them, not matter what the cost is.