Shoes "Ho's"...

  1. I have turned into one..... YES. I have about 7 items saved in my eBay that i'm searching for in my size.
    Its not enough that I have a shoes fetish as it is, now its for coach.... OI my wallet hurts!
  2. Coach shoes are quite stylish and also very well made. Keep an eye out for the shoe sales at the regular Coach stores. Between the sales at Macy's, Nordstrom's and Coach, I've managed to acquire the vast majority of my Coach shoes and boots at a 50% - 60% savings.
  3. ^^ thats awesome ..
  4. Well I wouldn't say "ho", but I do have some saved on eBay as well. I thought about the reason we all don't post shoes to the shopping thread. Because we'd be fighting over them. What size are you? :boxing: Lol.
  5. ^^ LOL
    size 6/ 6.5
  6. Can one be a shoe "ho" if they have 6 pairs of clogs?:rolleyes::p
  7. Gotta love coach shoes. I am a major shoe ho. lol.
  8. I am also an official shoe "ho". And Coach is my pimp!
  9. if i buy another pair of Katelyn's, my husband is gonna kill me...but i love all my shoes...i think i have like 6 or 7 pair and they are absolutely worth it...especially considering i did not pay full price for any of them...gotta love DSW/Macy's F&F/Boutique sales.

    next to my katelyn's, my fave pair would be my white Irelands.