Shoes! Help me decide please!!

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  1. OK, I have found these in my size. :yahoo:
    There's no way I can afford them all :sad: but can anyone throw any light on which will
    a) be more wearable,
    b) what colour the middle one is in the set of three
    c) what material the camellia one is made from
    d) materials of the set of three - the all blue one looks like calfskin?

    and anything else you care to add!!

    (Oh, I should say that I really do not like the beige two tone one)


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  2. I like the middle and bottom ones in the second pic. I think they're lambskin.
  3. Aww, i like the beige two tone the best. After that I like the dark red and black two-tone. I would not get the white flats or the black and white ones with the white satin detail as I feel they would not be wearable and get messed up really quickly!
  4. My first choice would be the beige/black in the first pic, and either one from the bottom 2 from the set of 3 looks good too, the middle one looks like a maroon to me.
    The camillia shoes look like a fabric/silk shoes, lovely but not that wearable IMO.

  5. i love two tones! its so chanel~ i say go for it! im thinking of getting one in the mary janes..!
  6. I like the 2nd pic, the bottom 2 best !! The camellia would be too difficult to maintain in my opinion !!
  7. I like the 2 bottom pairs from the second pic. I have always loved the beige/black Chanel shoes, but had the toughest time matching them! The classic Chanel beige is a tough color for me, so I tend to stay away from it. The camelias don't look practical at all.
  8. Hi C.. just saw that you do not like the beige 2 tone one, then I would say get the middle one in the 2nd pic,the maroon is growing on me, Hmmm.... it looks like metallic to me.
  9. I like the two tone color ones.
  10. I HATE BEIGE!! :P :P

    Anyway - thanks for the input, I'm liking the blue/black and the maroon(?) too.

    Do you all think the all-blue one (at the top of the 3) looks like a different leather?
  11. I completely agree!
  12. ^^OOps, if you don't like beige, go for the all black since it's easy to maintain and easy to coordinate w/ any outfit. Good luck w/ your decision :smile:
  13. I've already got the all-black ones. And the others aren't burgundy, they are brown :tdown:

    And I've just been sent another load to choose from!!! :yahoo:

    What fun :nuts:

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  14. Hi Expat,
    First set of pics -
    middle one is metallic black with metallic bronze, I think (I saw a pair like that in the local boutique here), love the matte black and navy two tone, which is the bottom one.
    Camellia shoes are satin - hard to maintain.
    The metallic flats have a lovely sheen to them but am worried they will scuff easily. Love the patent beige one -

    But as with any patent, if you get a stain on it, it is not removable!!!
    So many to choose from - good luck and keep us updated
  15. I actually like the beige & black also, but I like the blue on blue and the black/white also. My favorites are the grey/black ones in the last set of pics.