Shoes & Handbag Boards On EBay is MIA

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  1. You know alot of us spend time authenticating both here & on ebay. Somehow (not sure if it is an ebay glitch or what) the Shoes & Handbags Board is MIA on ebay. Please see my post and follow through with the rest of us:
  2. I am confused. I see the shoes, purses, and fashion accessories board. Is this not the one you are talking about?
  3. The one in the link on the thread is to 2005 posts. It isn't showing in my list or most others of the Discussion Groups.
  4. They must be working on it because if you click the link in the Clothing Board Thread, the board is starting to show the posts from last night.

    I did clear out my cache & history too.

    Hopefully they will refresh the lists soon.
  5. Ok...not sure I understand still, there are new posts on there as of 5 minutes ago, not old posts from 2005.
  6. O and don't register for ebay live 2005. That's on the List too. They restored the wrong file when they restored the boards.
  7. Back in Business.