shoes from rue cambon=]

  1. So i got back from paris a bit ago and i thought id share the shoes i got from rue cambon.
    i was excited that they had a mens section!

    does anybody know any stores stateside with mens?
  2. OOH! I love that store!CONGRATS!!!
    I was there in November and got killer shoes..that were never sold in the USA!Isnt shoppin in Paris the BEST!!!?
  3. Those are some sexy shoes:p
  4. so cute, congrats.
  5. the SA's in paris were 1000000000000 times nicer than in the states.
    USA SA's should learn from them.
  6. Those shoes are GORGEOUS! You have fantastic taste! I haven't really looked for men's stuff, as my bf wouldn't dream of spending money on designer anything. I hope someone else can weigh in on any stores that might stock menswear. Congrats on the shoes, though!
  7. oh wow!!

    Please post them in the Chanel Footwear thread in the Reference Library!:tender:
  8. congrats, those are hot shoes.
  9. I have a shoe addiction. I love all shoes, even shoes for men. And this pair of yours is TDF.
  10. gorgeous!!!! Congrats!
  11. I love them!!!!!
  12. Love em! And LOVE Chanel stores in Paris... :tender:
  13. Those are TDF!!!:yes:
  14. thanks everyone so much =D.
    ill head over to the reference thingy and post them.
    im a bit of a shoe lover too ldldb =D
  15. Gorgeous shoes!!
    the best!!