Shoes from my wedding

  1. Hi girls, I just got my pics from my photographer, so I thought I'll share this one of my wedding shoe. ;) I specifically told him that I NEED a pic of the shoes. so here it is!
  2. Beautiful!!!!
  3. Looks lovely :smile:
  4. That's a great picture!!!
  5. Congratulations!!! That is a perfect wedding shoe. Beautiful.:flowers:
  6. Excellent! Are those the satin yoyo's?
  7. Thanks everyone! I'll post another pic when i get a chance to tomorrow. =)

    And yes, ronsdiva, you're good! They are the satin yoyo slingbacks.
  8. That's a great picture!
  9. ahhh those are GORGEOUSSSSSSS!!! Dang, who knew the NM fiasco would result in such a lovely pair of shoes!
  10. Wow! Those ended up being perfect for your wedding. Congrats again on the nuptials! :woohoo:
  11. First, congratulations! And second, that photograph looks amazing, what a perfect pair of CLs to wear to your wedding. Are they satin or suede?
  12. Beautiful shoes!
    They look like the perfect wedding shoes!
  13. Thanks for all the congrats!

    As for the shoe, they are the infamous satin yoyo slingbacks that NM listed for $290...or was it $280...haha, anyway...the story behind it was, I ordered two sizes of the black suede and two sizes of the ivory satin...a few months before the wedding. Of course we all remember the episode with them wanting to cancel because they screwed up on the hprice...that happened to me too. They canceled my black ones really quickly. As for the white ones, they were back ordered for the longest was going to ship 2 weeks before the wedding(if they were going to ship it at all) You would not believe nervous I was :sweatdrop: ...I did have backup shoes, but those Stuart Weitzmans hurt like I really wanted to try these CLs. I saw that they have these shoes again in 41...of course at regular price or $690, so I called Customer Service. haha, you don't want an annoyed bride calling about a shoe. They gave me the whole story of, "well, we can't do anything about the delay, blah blah blah" I went into this whole thing of "This was going to be my shoes for my wedding... you already canceled the 2 black ones on me and I did not complain. But now you are jeopordizing what I'm wearing on my wedding day...why can't you just ship me the ones that you have in stock?" The CS lady was nice and sympathetic...she told me to hold on, and then said that they can send this one to me, and they will overnight it. *whew* I was relieved. Boy am I glad I got these yoyo's...I wore them all day/night and did not even hurt my feet. Haha...I wonder how many times we can use that "I'm getting married" excuse. ;)

    Here's another one...can you tell I really loved them that day?

    Weddinggown with shoes.JPG
  14. Congratulations! You looked beautiful! The shoes, the dress, everything just gorgeous.
  15. wow they look gorgeous!