Shoes from Anthropologie

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  1. Has anyone here bought shoes from Anthropologie? Every time I get one of their catalogs in the mail, I always drool over the shoes. But they seem a little pricey considering that they're not exactly Manolo's or Louboutin's.

    I was reading in Lucky mag that Anthropologie has become a place where up-and-coming shoe designers can feature their new designs. And admittedly, they're really beautiful... :drool:

    Quality-wise, though, what do you all think?
  2. I've yet to buy a pair of shoes from Anthropologie, but everything I have bought seems great quality-wise. They always look really nice and well-made. I would go for it and can always return them. :smile:
  3. ^ I think they're very unique and special. Keep in mind that Anthro always puts them on sale for great savings.
  4. i buy a lot of clothing from anthropologie but had never bought shoes until recently. i bought a pair of french sole ballet flats from them and really like them, i wear them a lot. IMO, the customer service at anthro is great, so if they don't work out for you or show themselves to be low quality, i'm sure that they'd take them back without question.

    they carry a lot of small designers that are hard to find elsewhere, and as such, the prices from shoe to shoe vary widely. mine were $148, which i thought was reasonable. my advice is that if you love them, get them. if they turn out to be low-quality, i'm sure you won't have a problem returning them.
  5. With me, it's been hit or miss. I've bought some nice shoes from them and some I've sent back immediately.

    I've decided to stick with Zappo' when buying shoes off the internet as the shipping and returns are free. With Anthropologie it can get expensive with the postage. Plus, I just never know..... I've been disappointed too often.
  6. i've never sent anything back to anthropologie, i always return at their stores! it's completely allowed in their return policy and then there's no return shipping to pay.
  7. That's a good idea. I'd never even thought about doing that.:idea:
  8. I bought a pair of Delman flats from them that I literally live in.