Shoes for small narrow feet and mini bunion?


Dec 30, 2006
Lawng Island
Which styles are good for me? I have a "mini bunion" on the side of my foot where my little toe is, the bone just juts out. I know that low cut shoes tend to scratch or touch it when I wear them. TIA!

I currently own a pair of Sock Mary Janes, since they're almond cut, they hit just where the bone is. Ugh!


Jan 27, 2009
I don't own these, but the Lolas seem like they might be a good option since they're pretty high cut. Maybe some owners of Lolas could chime in on that?

Also, I just read somewhere that strappy sandals can be good since if they're cut the right way, they'll both conceal the bunion and be more comfortable for you as well. Not sure if you live in an area with a climate where that'd be a good option though.