Shoes for my wedding

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  1. Ladies-

    I have a dilemma about what shoes to wear for my wedding in Mexico this December. It is a beach wedding and reception. However, I have purchased a very glamorous looking dress, and it seems wrong not to have a pair of spectacular shoes to match for when I am on the dance floor, or making my way to the beach from the resort.

    Is this silly? Should I save the money and just wear my silver JCrew flip flops?
  2. Congrats on getting married!!

    Perhaps you could wear the flip-flops from the resort to the beach, and change into a pair of fabulous heels for the rest of the wedding?

    I'm not sure what the resort is like, but I can imagine walking on a beach in 4 inch heels to be rather difficult (think sinking into the sand, hehehe). OR, you could buy a pair of lovely dressy the Jimmy Choo ones with crystals etc.?
  3. Jimmy Choo makes crystal flip-flops...what is next???!!!:biggrin:
  4. oooh! Fabulous! a perfect excuse to spend cash on expensive shoes!:biggrin:

    well, I think the idea of fabulous jewelled flip flops for the ceremony on the beach is super!!! But i think soemthign hihger is more appropriate for the evening. however, I've been doing a little looking around & I've found these beauties;


    from the Cruise Bottega Veneta collection at Net a Porter £300.

    or; [​IMG] these are Jimmy choo £320, again, at NaP.

    I'm a big fan of Miss Trish of Capri & depending on the colours you have for your wedding, in the flowers etc, something like these might be wonderful! They do come in several different colours but this is my fav!

    [​IMG]£280 from NaP.
  5. Or these;

    [​IMG]aren't the fabulous!! £320 at NaP again! I really think these might be the ones you know! oh so fabulous but rather simple too.

    These are Miu Miu again at NaP £210. check out the fabby heel details!


    These are a bargain £145!! again at NaP!

  6. now, for the evening or reception, basically the bit not on sand! If this were my wedding, in this situation, on a beach/ beachside, i personally would wear these;

    £545 Christian Lacroix at NaP.

    I adore Manolo Blahnik, I would give up the use of my hands than be parted from my Louboutins, but!!! in the situation you describe for your wedding, I think these are simply perfect! (for me anyway) I picture it as being a beautiful occasion, with lots of flowers, almost Hawaiian in feel so I think these are fabulous for that wedding. Unless I've completely lost it & am thinking of an entirely different wedding! ahh well, if you need soemone to drool over lots more fabulous shoes for you I'll be happy to!:biggrin:
  7. Those are GORGEOUS!!!!
  8. Oh my gosh...these are some beautiful suggestions!!

    My flowers are black magic roses, green cymbidium orchids with ivory and silver accents.

    I wonder if the Jimmy Choos come in silver?

  9. woww those are beautiful when are we going to get a drooling smilie?
  10. WindyKat, I can't see those choos in any other colour except the gold, sorry.
    However, if you go to look at their spring/summer 06 range. Select sandals, & then low & look at the bottom pair on the left. "Nala" How fabulous are they ??

    I'll havea look in other stores & see if I can find any others similar.
  11. ok! I have done it! I've found them!!!!!

    then look at the Cruise collection. Medium/Low

    The right hand column, fifth pair down 'Roanna' in the silver!!!

    To Die For!!!

    pleaseeeeeeeeeeee buy these shoes!!
  12. nice picks park ave
  13. Thanks HeavenSent! always happy to have an excuse to drool over great shoes:biggrin: ;)

    WindyKat, did you see those ones on the Choo website ok?
  14. If price is no object, consider the Taryn Rose Dustyn. [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Geneva]It's a gorgeous open toe style that looks great dressed up or down. [/FONT]Sexy and comfortable. [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Geneva]Here is an image of the [/FONT]Taryn Rose Dustyn
  15. I guess it sorta depends on the dress - is it floor length? If so you'll have it hemmed for either heels or flats, so it might be hard to switch back and forth and still maintain the line of the dress. If it's hemmed for flats, buy a pair of fab flats like the ones suggested or these from J Crew: If it's not really going to matter, I'd use cheaper flats for the wedding and buy gorgeous heels for the reception! Wedding on a beach, how romantic!