Shoes for Fall/Winter

  1. Ok ladies- I need your help!! I am on my fall/winter shopping spree now (not to mention I am starting my research and need to be dressed nicely and cute!) and I can't decide what kind of shoes to get. I don't like to always wear heels (espeically not in the snow), and some days my job is very laid back- I just need jeans etc! So what do you all think? Anyone have some fall/winter shoe input?? Help me out with your ideas or what you are thinking of!! :embarasse
  2. I've just recently gotten into wedge heeled suede boots. I have a KORS pair (shown below) and a pair in black with contrast stitching and a zipper up the side. They are funky enough to wear with jeans (tucked in or not) but the height makes them OK with a skirt if you wanted to go that route.

    I also have the Isabella Fiore clogs (again, they are pictured). They can even be worn with wooly socks and jeans and look cute.

    I think these are what I will be living in this winter.
    KORS.jpg fiore.jpg
  3. Clogs hurt my feet really bad, but if you can pull then off they are really cute:P
  4. what about these that i wanted 2 splurge on? could you wear them to work sometimes?
    macy's fur boots.jpg
  5. Fendifemale

    Nice boots but I think I'll be a little afraid if you wore them to work.......then again it depends on where you work.

    Maybe I'm off but those boots scare me :smile: it looks like a ballerina shoe with brown socks. or is that the point of the look??
  6. oh no i wasnt talking about myself; i was suggesting them to Megs. I personally am a risk taker so I would wear these to work -only if i had to be there for a short period of time. definetly if i had a desk job sitting somewhere, i would wear them.
  7. That's what I love about them! I'm probably the only one in the world who wouldn't mind a spat revival.

  8. I love these boots , who makes them
  9. I'm little so I have to be careful of horizontal lines across my legs -- short boots and spats would make me look like an Oompa Loompa!
  10. I have a problem with heels- I have mentioned before that i am nearly 5'11, so I don't want to be that beast towering over every other woman! Yesterday I did buy some very lovely jeans, but now I need some shoes to match!

    Thanks for all of your advice! I'm trying to narrow down what I may like.
  11. I forgot! LOL! BUT don't fear-they're @ MACY'S!
  12. Okay I went back on there. Alfani "Aviator" rabbit and suede boots. That's the name.
  13. I am really liking dior fall shoe collections!
  14. these are bcbg max azria
    they're not that cute in the pic but SO cute in person. i would like to move into them and live in them forever.