shoes for a dark navy suit?

  1. i just bought a dark navy skirt suit and am clueless as to what kind of shoes to wear with it. (they need to be moderately conservative, since I will be wearing them to work at a conservative law firm)

    I don't currently own navy shoes, and am open to non-navy options. I have black pumps, but am unsure about the black/navy combo. Thoughts?
  2. I usually wear navy shoes with a navy suit. You could maybe get away with pewter or a sillver color or maybe gold?
  3. I am curious to read all of the answers to this question. My mom and I had a conversation last week about how hard it is too match navy with things. My friend and I also had this discussion last week. She thinks that brown is the way to go as far as shoes and a handbag. I avoid navy at all costs (even though I love it!) to avoid this dilemna!
  4. I wear a lot of navy...always have. I recommend dark brown and darker metallics. Never black. I wear my dark brown Tod's with navy pants all the time and carry either a navy or chocolate bag...If you really want to go nautical, navy with silver is great for the summer.
  5. Tough question - one I've spent my fair share of time pondering.

    I personally kind of cringe over black shoes w/ navy and I don't have navy shoes so I wear honey-colored heels with my navy pinstripe pants and a white shirt/sweater.

    I'm interested to see everyone's answers to this one...

    Edit: should have said I also think metallics can look good with navy, but metallic isn't appropriate for my workplace.
  6. I would recommend a honey-colored shoe like Kate wears or even a lighter color such as camel or beige. I would not wear black. If it is a casual outfit (not a business suit) I would even try a red shoe.
  7. I think you could match the navy suite with:
    pastel colours like pink, yellow, green
    light blue
  8. I'm thinking brown metallics or silver. :smile:
  9. I wouldn't match navy shoes with a full navy suit. I agree that metallics would work with it, as would red and neutrals.
  10. I am pretty sure metallic shoes would not fly at this very conservative law firm - and I'm early 20s so I'm not sure pastels would be appropriate (my grandma wears baby blue shoes with navy)

    I ended buying these today and they look great with my suit:

    ALDO shoes - ALDO women's footwear for all occasions: dress shoes, casual shoes and city shoes.

    in case it doesn't link the right color, it's a brownish-maroon croc pump with a slight shine to it. It's not totally brown (they look odd with my brown suit but good with navy and black) but not obviously maroon (so I think they are conservative enough for work) and I think the croc and the slightly shiny finish make them a better match than a lighter colored pair of solid brown pumps I have.

    I think they are significantly better than any navy shoes I saw today, and I'm afraid light shoes might not be conservative enough (or that I'd even use them much).

    If it wasnt for work I'd go with red although now that I saw these in person with my suit I think these are ideal. :smile:

    edit: they look more maroon in "real life" - the pic isnt really true to color
  11. I love those! I rarely wear navy so I'll have to remember that if I start wearing more of it. I usually wear black or brown.
  12. Navy's one of my fave colors, and it's alot more versatile than you would think.

    My favorite colors to wear with navy are: gray and sand/honey. Metallics work great (silver much more than gold, but pewter is GREAT!), and when I'm feeling flirty, I pair my pinstriped navy pants with a white shirt and a teal-colored d'orsay.

    I also have a lovely pair of navy blue Dolce's with lovely rhinestone buckle ankle straps that I bought to wear with navy, but oddly enough, navy and navy is just too much. Who knew? :shrugs:

    Have fun! If you commit a fashion faux pas, just remember: There's always tomorrow! :yes:
  13. Rich tan?
  14. Are we talking a pant suit? Try getting a pair of pumps in the same color as the shirt you wear with the suit top.

    I'm thinking charcoal grey.
  15. I love a burnt orange with navy. Lots of colours work really well with navy, for example a dark raspberry, lighter blues. As long as they are fairly muted shades it will work reasonbably well.
    A safe bet is always to keep to the same colour, but vary the shades.

    Also, very dark metallics, like pewter & bronze work really really well with almost any dark colour so are always a good buy as they are so versatile!

    If its a trouser suit, you can afford to go a little strappy, but if its a skirt suit, I'd definitely stick to more conservative styles. Having said that, I just foudn these on Zappos, & they would work equally well with trousers or a skirt. Great colour for Navy too!

    House of Dereon Robbin (Off-White) - Dress Shoes

    I don't know your budget , so as opposed to exact recommendations, I'm going to suggest some styles/colurs that you might like or that you might take inspiration from.

    This is a fabulous example of a dark pewter colour, not the style, just the colour!
    daniblack Rocker (Pewter Metallic Nappa) - Dress Shoes

    This sort of style with trousers would be fabulous! its a sassy twist on a classic style(not in the peach though!)

    Kenneth Cole New York Hit Or Miss (Blush) - Dress Shoes

    I actually love these in this colour too. they would makea really nice special shoe for work, maybe not for everyday, but for important meetings etc;

    Joey O Decker (Navy Patent) - Dress Shoes

    Great wit htrousers!
    Chinese Laundry Vilma (Bronze) - Dress Shoes

    nice classic shape in a good colour with navy;

    Nine West Presccott (Bronze Patent) - Dress Shoes

    I love the shape of these! sooo classy!
    Giuseppe Zanotti E7752 (Bone/Black) - Dress Shoes