Shoes for a beach wedding?

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  1. #1 Sep 15, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2010
    Hi ladies,

    My little brother is getting married in Maui next month in Oct. on a beach. The itinerary reads like this:
    -meet at Four Seasons to be transported to the beach for a sunset ceremony and pictures
    -head back to FS for the receprtion afterward

    I'm undecided between these 2 dresses but i think both will pair well with my black patent YSL tributes for the reception at FS. My dilemma is what shoes to wear at the beach. Or should i just go barefoot. FYI, i'm vertically challenged as in i'm only 5' and don't really want to go barefoot if i can help it. So please, any advice from the experts are greatly appreciated.

    I have these dresses but can't decide on which one to wear, any preference?:,default,pd.html?cgid=110004705&itemNum=57&variantColor=JJDB1XX&variantSizeClass=
    in pop pink
    in saphire, i will shorten it to hit above the knee.
  2. Love the Ralph Lauren.

    Will the ceremony be on the sand?

    My cousin had a destination wedding on the beach in Mexico and I ended up removing my heels and just put them back on when we went in for the reception. Just tiptoe for the pics.
  3. Thanks Belle for your reply! Yes, the ceremony will be on the sand. I was thinking of doing what you suggested or wear flip flops. But i'm worried flip flops would look funny with these dresses?
  4. I'd get some fun bedazzled flip flops or some wedges could maybe work.
    Ideally it'd just be flip flops though.
  5. If its a choice between barefoot vs flip flops.. i would definitely go barefoot... i feel flip flops will ruin your pretty dress...

    Now, if your height is a problem, i agree with tiptoeing...

    If you , on the other hand, want shoes for pics and height, i would go for a nude wedge which will still look beachy...

    Check out stuart weidzman or michael kors... they have pretty beige wedges that have cork heels.

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  7. I live on the Gulf coast of Florida 15 minutes from the beach and 95% of weddings I go to are on the beach and mostly people take their shoes off to walk to the ceremony and either go barefoot or bring flip flops to change in and out of and sometimes these people are somewhat dressy. Even brides here wear flip flops with their dresses so anyhing casual goes if it is on the beach. HAVE fun!
  8. Thanks a bunch everyone! I knew you all would come through for me. I'll just bring my gold sandals or dressier flip flops for the beach portion and change into the Tributes or Choos for the reception.

    Yep, my thinking exactly with the gold accessories. That's why i was thinking of getting the "Lance" gold Choos and ditch the black Tributes. Seeing the sandals you suggested reminded me that i already have something similar so they would definitely work for the beach portion.

    I have some delicate Kors cork wedge too. Thanks for your suggestion!

    I was having a mommy brain f@rt and did not even remember there were any other flip flops beside the rubber ones. Duh! Thanks for jogging my memory and those gold ones are cute!

    Ya know, i got married on the sand in Maui, too, and that's exactly what i did... wore my blinged out platform flip flops under my dress for the sand portion and my Choos for the reception. The dress was long and it covered the flip flops so i didn't mind. This time, the dresses in consideration are short and i was worried a pair of rubber flip flops would ruin the look. I completely forgot there are dressier sandals and flip flops than what i had in mind. And yes, everyone will be on the dressy side for my bro's wedding since the reception will be at the FS afterward.
  9. I just came back from a beach wedding in Honolulu. I wore a pale grey dress and just wore silver Havaianas with it-but they came off during the ceremony and during pictures. Then of course I put on my dressy flats for the reception afterwards.
  10. oh another Four Seasons visitor! I die!
    I spent the end of my summer there, it was heaven!
  11. i wore light gold lace-up espadrille wedges in my bro's beach wedding. i DIY-ed them w/ a touch of bling-bling too. it was perfect, comfort & height!