Shoes Cushions / Inserts / Petals for Insanely Painful Shoes?

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  1. Hey, Ladies!! :smile: Need your help. I have a pair of the platform / clog Mary Janes (they look like these: ) The shoes are terribly painful... but you know how it is to own a shoe you don't want to get rid, no matter how bad it hurts you... physically.

    The pain is in the front balls of my feet - bottom, under the toes. When my feet strike the ground, the front balls of my feet slam down into the very stiff and very flat wooden platform.

    Are there any inserts you know of that can soften blow? I really want to keep these shoes but they need to be walk-able. What do you suggest? I own a pair of the regular foot cushion insoles you've all probably seen on Amazon but they're not wide enough or thick enough.

    Any suggestions? Do any of you use inserts that make your painful shoes more bearable? What brand?
  2. I personally use Insolia inserts here, to help with pain in the balls of my feet because of how all my weight is concentrated there.

    They work by taking pressure off the balls of your feet by distributing the weight across your foot more evenly, back to your heel.

    They help, but YMMV. Since they double the wear time for me (eg/ a four hour pair of shoes would become 8), a really painful pair of shoes which might be 1 hour, turns into 2. Really different from the normal type, but it works, as long as your foot is the right type.
  3. Since they are closed toe I would say get a full insert. Made from gel/fur/memory foam etc.