Saturday Sale

  1. Starts at 7 AM on the 13th.
  2. Don't forget to use luckybreaks7 for an additional 25% off and use lucky rewards if you have it for 15% off that.
  3. I want to get UGGs and I read one review that said her UGG bought at is made in china. I am just curious if anyone ever ordered UGG from and if they sell authentic uggs ? Thanks
  4. I think most of UGG are made in China tho...I have a few pairs that I bought from NM...they are all made in China.
  5. they carry UGG? I can't find it:confused1:...and I think that coupon doesn't apply on UGG items even though they do carry UGG.
  6. thanks for coupon! This is a great deal on some shoes.
  7. Yay for deals! I bought the Betsey Johnson Leopold shoes ($189- 25% for luc kybreaks7) then pricematched to ($99)

    They gave me 115% of the difference and then I used fatwallet on top of that for 13% cash back..

    I paid like $142 and they credited me $48.88 .. plus about $13 cashback from fatwallet will be credited.. so I paid like under $80 for these awesome shoes!

    Ok I'll calm down.. I was just very excited :p
  8. Yes, they have UGG that are on sale and theb coupon actually worked with me. I tried to apply the coupon into my shopping chart and it works. Thanks, girls.
  9. Thank you so much for the coupon - I just saved over $100!!
  10. Whats the lucky breaks code?
  11. Thanks for the code! I went ahead and signed up for Lucky as well -- I didn't realize all the good discounts I've been missing out on!
  12. Thanks for the luckybreaks code!! Got two new pair of shoes!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  13. wow, I am sorry for misunderstanding...:roflmfao: because...I went to wrong website...:push: . This is awesome, I'm gonna grab a pair of UGG as well!! Thank you for posting!!
  14. Thanks for the info - got me some keens!