discount code!

  1. 25% off with the code luckybreaks7! happy shopping :tup:
  2. thanks!!
  3. Thanks! I finally ordered the Frye boots I've been wanting!
  4. the discount code doesn't apply toward Ugg nor Crocs! I tried.....:cursing:
  5. you can get uggs for 20% off till 12am tonight on Shopbop!!
  6. you need a code??? it's probably too late already:shrugs:
  7. i used fall2007. i placed my order an hour ago, but hurry!! it might still work!!
  8. oh yea if you spend $500, you get $125 off, otherwise it's just 20% for anything $100-$499. hurry!!
  9. It's no longer working:crybaby:!!!!!! BTW, thanks!