Shoes color to wear with Epi Mandarin bags

  1. For PFers that have the Epi Mandarine bags, do you wear shoes to cordinate with your bag color? i.e. orange shoes???
    Or it doesn't matter. I heard that your bag should match your shoes.
    Anyhoo, i was wondering if it really matters.
  2. Great question! I am trying to figure that out too. I just got an Epi Mandarin Bucket so I am playing around ith what coordinates with the mandarin color.
  3. I think a dark brown shoe would go beautifully with the orange! Or white sandals!
  4. i wear all colors with it- size its such a fun vibrant color. no need to be matchy matchy.
  5. I would wear it with brown, tan, white shoes. I would not wear black because that's to halloweeny, and I would not wear any other bright color like pink or blue because that would be way to clashy.
  6. I wouldn't worry about if my bag matches my shoes in particular, I would just care that my bag suits my outfit in general.
  7. With my epi Jasmin I wear brown heels or sandals, white sandals, strappy sandals in gold or bronze
  8. Exactly my thought! :smile: