Shoes/boots any thoughts ?

  1. Arent these just HOT!!
    I think they would look great with jeans :love:

    I think these would be great with dress pants .. :heart::heart::heart:
  2. these are new to Elux

    Thoughts ?
  3. I want them all.
  4. Same here :yes:
  5. I have to say, I think those first ones are lame. Is it a slingback, or a boot? Go one way or the other!

    However, I've fallen in love with some boots and shoes I saw in the August Glamour and InStyle fashion spreads. Unfortunately they haven't hit the websites yet...
  6. the 3rd pair is failry cheap for snakeskin and being LV... I love them!
  7. OMG! They are gorgeous!
    I love them all too!!!
    Wow...that strappy one is TDF :faint:

    ETA: The Electra! Come and electrify my feet :lol:
    $570! :wtf: The Denim mules cost more than that!!!
  8. I really love that black pump! It would be a shame to cover it in pants with the detail being on the side and back.
  9. Love them. This sandal is so me...:love:
  10. :yes: I agree! I love em...:love:
  11. I am in L-O-V-E!! :love: :love:
  12. True but i dont wear skirts :sad: And I guess now with skinny jeans coming back they will be shorter so you might see more :shrugs:
  13. wow! all three of those are really hot shoes!!
  14. Yeah I LOVE that pump!! :heart:
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