Shoes-bags obsession

  1. I 've just noticed that my shoes collection is growing at the same rate as my bags. Is it possible that one obsession can lead to another? It seems to work that way to me.
  2. I used to believe that if you carried a lovely bag, or lovely shoes, you could get away with the rest of your outfit :biggrin:. But the leather on designer items are now so devine, that its almost like you need the gorgeous shoes to complement the divine bag, regular shoes just dont cut it ;)
    So yes, thats my excuse and I am sticking to it!! Like you, I have acquired a fair few pairs, but, I always wear them, and they do make me happy :biggrin:, so its my justification.
  3. i just bought my first gucci flats so im hoping i don't get too far....:sad:
  4. pixie I was looking at a pair of gucci flats last week. I wanted them in the canvas, but they didn't have it in my size. However, I looked great in the white, but I didn't want to buy them because summer is almost over and I don't know how much wear I would give them after that.

    I think that shoes just sorta follow handbags. You start thinking, 'What shoes should I wear with this'. Then you go crazy with it.
  5. i think bags and shoes go together.. whoever has a bag obsession she will eventually have shoes obsession.. i have both.. cant get enough bags/shoes!
  6. Definitely! Some things just complement each other very well.

    Though the ratio of shoes to bags is like 10 to 1 for me. :biggrin:
  7. I guess i'm not alone here.Anyway, bags are still in my top list. Then shoes and clothes are in the same rank.
  8. Gotta have the shoes to set off a wonderful bag. Clothes are a distant third to me.
  9. Mine started as a shoe obsession, and then became a shoe-bag obsession!
  10. i was obsessed about shoes, but now i'm totally converted to bags. i have a few shoes that'll go with all of my bags and outfits. :P
  11. for me it was clothes first...I needed nice stuff when I finished school and left the college look behind. I only had a few nice pairs of pumps but a lot of suits, skirts, etc. Then I started getting into shoes more, then (now) it's bags!
  12. It was all about bags for me before, but then designer bag prices skyrocketed. It's just a bit unreasonable for me to spend $1,000+ on an it bag, when I can buy designer shoes on sale for around $200.