Shoes as gift!

  1. Where you ever given shoes as a gift? How did that happen? I was given a pair of gold Calvin Klein sandals some months ago and I love them. The owner of the store is my friend and because I helped her a lot through a rough time, she told to choose anything I liked!:drool:
    She ownes the most expensive shoe store in my city!:yahoo:LOL!
    Here they are... ck gold.jpg
    (post yours if you can)

    For me shoes are a very unique gift that shows that the person who gives them is really considerate of you and wants to give you something special for you to walk in...
  2. I've given Lacoste leather sneakers as a gift to a close family friend, and a pair of Juicy Couture pink rhinestone flip-flops to my little sister. I must agree that it is hard to give shoes as presents though, because you have to be sure of their sizing for that particular brand. Then, you have to be sure of their tastes. People can be very particular about their shoes.

    Unfortunately, no one has ever given me shoes before, so I'm just going to have to buy them myself. I've got my eyes set on these ones next!

  3. The only person who has bought me shoes (that I liked)as a gift is my husband.
  4. DH has purchased me shoes as a gift that I picked out & put in his hands! Does that count?:upsidedown:
  5. I have never recieved shoes as a gift, but if I did, that would be the best gift ever!
  6. My bf has bought me many shoes but this is the birthday gift from last month
    Christian Louboutin Aztec Activa
  7. I've never received shoes, but I did buy a pair of boots for my sister. We're identical twins so getting the right size was easy :p
  8. Well nothing as chic as any of the above (I :love: those shoes Stinas!) but for valentines day my husband gave me a pair of chocolate uggs...they were very comfy in the cold weather this year. Now if I could just subliminally plant Manolo Blahnik in his head!
  9. I've never received shoes as a gift. I like the idea but too afraid that a person will choose something I don't like.
  10. i think it's hard to give/get shoes as a gift because of sizing issues. it's so difficult for me to find the right size and a comfortable shoe, i'd imagine it would be even more difficult for someone else. however, i think it would be awesome if someone went shopping with me and let me pick out the perfect shoe, and then paid for it!
  11. I've never given or received shoes as gifts. My BF once saw a pair of shoes he liked at the mall, and he told me to get them for him as one of his Christmas presents, but I didn't do it.

    My mama told me many years ago, and she still stresses it to this day: NEVER GIVE A MAN SHOES. She claims that it will make him walk away from you. Maybe it's symbolic or something. And although I don't really believe it I won't give a man I'm involved with a gift of shoes for that reason...
  12. cute shoes ladies. i would never turn down shoes as gifts in fact i've received a few but mostly from my SO.
  13. my ex bought me a nice pair of mizuno running shoes for my bday last year. my mom has this superstition that if you buy shoes for someone they will use them to walk away from you in a relationship. i don't believe it, but that's why she has my buy my dad's shoes or he buys them himself. hehehe.
  14. of course it does!!!:graucho::roflmfao:
  15. I don't give shoes as gifts because my mom also told me it was bad luck to do so. She said its like the shoe is stepping on you or holding down on your luck and stuff.