Shoes are here!

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  1. They are here and I love them! They fit my feet like they where made for them.:love:
    Can’t wait for better weather so I can start to wear them.:yahoo:
  2. WOW!!!! Those shoes are TDF! They look a lot better on you than on the web site :smile:!
  3. :woohoo::woohoo: They are HOT shoes!!! I'm so glad they arrived safely and you love them, they look great!

    Are you feeling better?
  4. Lovely shoes :tup: .....what bag will you carry ??
  5. Wow I wish I can wear those heals... They look really lovely on you.
  6. They look great. Do they fit true to size?
  7. Wowzer Lillan, they look hot, hot, hot!
  8. Lilan , we are shoe twinnies . I have these too . They look fabby on you .
  9. they look great. I have a pair too and was really surprised at how well they fit!
  10. Woohoo very sexy!
  11. That is a FAB pair of shoes!!!
  12. WOWeeeeee! Sexy shoes!
  13. Wow, gorgeous! I bet they've cheered you up!
  14. Thanks girls, for all your nice comments, and yes they are hot, sexy and stunning, and makes your legs LONG.....makes me 6 feet high, about the same high as most of the girls/women in my family (when they are not wearing shoes).:P
    Taz, I think I need a new bag for these shoes. :lol: Being a Mulberry newbie, I only have two mulberry bags, one black poppy, who I think will looks great with these shoes + jeans and a leatherjacket + a little black zinia, which will look good with shoes and a pencil skirt + smart top.
    Flossie and rachiem, Great Minds Think Alike. :supacool:

    And yes, I am feeling better, at least the fever is going down. :ty:
  15. Those shoes look utterly amazing on you - congratulations!