Shoes and size......

  1. Ladies!
    I need help!
    My BF bought me a pair of Miu Miu shoes yesterday.. :lol:
    My regular size is 36.5 but these are pointy toe flat shoes and when I tried them on they fit perfectly well (but they were the displayed ones, so they were stretched a little, probably) and now I got a brand new pair of 36.5 and when I tried them on at home, they fit a little tight..
    not much.. just a little..
    How do you guys tell if the shoes fit perfectly??
    I can't move my toes when I'm wearing them.. so there's not much room.. Is this good (maybe it will stretch)? or should I go one size bigger?? I must decide soon!!! TIA:love:
  2. You probably just have to break them in, its okay. I've gone through this before and now those same shoes are actually TOO roomy, lol.
  3. I feel the total opposite to abandoned images, i feel like if they are a big snug when you get them sometimes the leather will stretch and sometimes it wont, and if it doesnt and you spent a lot on the shoes you are stuck with a pair you can't wear - I have lived the experience, and it's no fun. My advice would be if the shoe doesnt fit, return it! A little bit of discomfort is understood for the first time but tightness just means that particular shoe runs small.. but you be the judge if they are super cute it's a tough call :unsure:
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