Shoes . . .and leg-length discrepancy

  1. Was wondering whether any one has this challenge -- and if so, any ideas . . .

    My right leg is slightly longer than my left, as my left hip and right shoulder are higher. My spine has a slight curve (scoliosis). Not noticeable in clothes, but apparent when unclothed. Have always had my pants shortened with the right leg about a half to 3/4 inch longer. Not a big deal til recently.

    In the past few years have had increasing pain in the left hip and side area -- muscle tightness mostly, in the QL and the other back and hip muscles. Lost flexibility and movement and spend a lot of time with a heat pack. It was suggested to me -- and I resisted for a long time -- that I put a lift in my left shoe. Finally last fall I caved and started wearing the lift in my Frye boots. It made an almost immediate difference. I was so encouraged that I stepped up the stretching and Yoga and I am so relieved to be nearly completely free of pain! My back had been so stiff that I couldn't turn over in bed. It has loosened up (massage also helps) so much that I can get my forehead right on to my knees now!!! (I had also tried a chiropracter -- that was totally useless. He said "You have to play detective and figure out what works for you." Well, at least that was good advice)

    But -- shoes are a problem. I can put the lift in boots and sneakers but sandals and pretty shoes are really a challenge. I had a shoe repair store modify two pairs of Mephisto Helen sandals -- they have black rubbery soles and it really looks just fine when you're wearing them. But there is no way I can see to salvage all my Birks and strappy sandals.

    Anyway, was just wondering if anyone else has a "challenge: like this and any creative ideas for shoes???
  2. Wow, Deborahsue...your post really struck me because your situation sounds exactly like my daughter. She was born with scoliosis (the curve was severe as a tiny infant) and dislocated a lot of other birth "defects" (I hate that word. They're just quirks). She has been having a lot of hip pain lately. I am going to pass on to her your experience with the cause being the difference in leg length. Maybe it will help her out, too.

    For a while, she had an orthotic in one shoe for another "quirk". She was heartbroken because she was a teenager and it made cute/certain types of shoes a challenge. She wasn't worried so much about the look of it in a just wouldn't work in certain types of shoes.

    I am thinking there 'must' be a way to solve your problem. I'm sorry I don't have a solution immediately at hand but someone out there must know what to do!
  3. Leah411, thanks for your post. I hope that what I learned might help your daughter. The lift really made a big difference and I am relieved that I was able to get out of most of the pain without looking for a more radical solution.