Shoes and Accessories for a Little Black Dress

  1. I bought this dress for a wedding I have in two weeks and want to get really cute shoes and accessories to go with it , something besides black shoes :yes:

    Anyone have any suggestions ?
    I thought maybe red shoes , which is something I have never owned

    Thanks to everyone ! :smile: ;)

    PS this is my first theard I have started lets hope I did it okay:sweatdrop:
  2. I wore a black dress similar to yours to a wedding last fall. I wore bright pink slingbacks because I wanted something to spice up the outfit. You can see the jewelry that I wore in the pic.

    I think that red shoes are a great idea! HTH
  3. i'd do either red or white accessories. probably patent leather to add a bit of textural interest.
  4. Love the red shoe idea.
  5. Honestly, I'm a pearl kind of gal. I would wear a pearl set (necklace, bracelet, and earrings) with a pair of black/white combination shoes. With the pearls you could probably still wear the red shoes too.
  6. You guys are the best thanks :yahoo:
    my budget is about $150-200 for shoes and jelwery
    I am thinking about red or pink shoes I just have to find a pair I can walk in , I tired some on at Lord and Taylors and I nearly fell down , I can handle a 3 inch heel but these had to be about 4 inches :sweatdrop:

    I will post the pictures when I get the whole look together

    Thanks again !