Shoes & accessories for this dress?

Jul 24, 2007
I picked up this dress from Nordstrom Rack today for a mere $109! Can I wear this for an August wedding or is it too dark? I'm 29 - is this dress still age appropriate w/the bubble detail on the skirt? What color shoes would you suggest? There is a big gold zipper on the back. Should I wear a necklace or just earrings with it? Thanks
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Sep 10, 2008
Southern California
Ohh I love the dress-it's really cute! I think it would be perfect for an August wedding--as long as the wedding isn't really formal. I think the bubble detail is understated enough that it's age appropriate. I would definitely say no necklace-and just earrings, and maybe a big bracelet or cocktail ring. As for shoes, I'd suggest maybe gold to go w/the gold zipper-or even a dark blue that matches the dress. Good luck and congrats on the good find!