Shoes - $30!

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  1. Really good brands - Mephisto, Ecco, Pucci - $30 per pair. Additional 10% off with code "STOLEN." Kind of hit or miss on your size.

  2. are they real?
  3. I think they're the outlet for
  4. Wow these prices are insane...!
  5. i haven't found one yet that isn't out of stock totally....
  6. I know! It's a good thing that there are only scattered pairs; if they had more in my size I could have easily spent a tidy little sum.

    Be warned, the checkout is REALLY slow today as well.
  7. I had my eye on a Pucci and CL but of course, it's out of stock.
  8. This site is strange...I put a shoe listed at $14.99 in my cart, but it showed up as $27.99 in the cart?!? Couldn't get it to work, unless they're in the process of changing prices??
  9. everything went back up!!! i had a pair of bcbgs in my cart at work and i was going to wait til i got home to buy them and now they're $94. argh!
  10. same thing happened to me! i wonder why they jacked up the prices.. :sad: