shoelace stitch on handle?

  1. I just received my Twiggy Ocean from Aloha Rag and I noticed that the stitching on the handles look and feel like shoelaces. Is this how it should be?
    I don't remember the handle of my other Bbag (Purse)which I already sold. Bbag experts, please advise.
  2. Yes, the stitching does look and feel a bit like shoe laces, but that's fine, since it's very hard wearing and it's my understanding that it is actually leather. Certainly the awful fakes that are out there tend to use fabric and not leather. But you needn't worry, buying from Aloha Rag, since their bags are all the genuine article.
  3. It is woven fabric, just like shoelace (mind you, a pretty upmarket shoelace... :king:) It's waxed or impregnated with something, so it's very strong - more hardwearing than if it was made out of leather. You needn't worry about it falling apart.
  4. LOL... they do look like shoelaces :p I never noticed that before :yes: