SHOEIN @ the Wynn

  1. FYI....everything in the store is 50% off...just got back from Vegas and I went crazy! :yahoo:
  2. Darn it! Wish i was there! You're in Vegas as much as me!
  3. GREEN WITH ENVY!!! I love that store! Take pics so we can all live vicariously!
  4. :girlsigh:i'll be going there on sunday!!!please post pics of your loot??:nuts:
  5. Really? what kind of shoes did they have? I'm going this weekend :smile:
  6. ahhh! the wynn is so fab!
  7. What CL's were on sale? I called but the guy was rude. Wouldn't say what they had.
  8. When I went there in September the CL selection was kind of blah sort of what you can find on Other retailers have much hotter styles. If it is any indication, I do remember the mohair very prives were on the sale table.
  9. Let me see if I can find least from other sites of what i saw....i will post pics tonight of my shoes later tonight :smile:
  10. OK, these are some of the one's I remember, they had a great selection for those that wear small well as Size 9 and 10, not so much for the 1/2 sizes in between!


    These were the patent black, not the glitter...they didn't have my size in them :cry:


    I can't seem to remember right now....but if you have the opportunity to go, then i would recommend going :yes:
  11. Wow!

    I went last month and they have some really cute shoes but didn't have my size in any of the ones I wanted. The saleslady was pretty rude, too.
  12. Bluefly? Really? I thought they had a nice selection! Similar to Barneys. Thanks for the info! I just got off the phone with an SA and it appears that all the shoes I want are sold out :sad: