Shoegal's Bbag Collection

  1. I think I finally did it right!

    Here are the girls:
    Bordeaux city
    Rose city
    Turquoise city
    Ink city
    Caramel city
    Rouille purse
    Rouille courier
    Black shopper
    Emerald work
    Chocolate day

    Speedy 30
    Marc Jacobs Adina
    Marc Jacobs venetia
    usc and bags 028.jpg usc and bags 029.jpg usc and bags 030.jpg
  2. You did it! :biggrin:
    Great collection!
  3. Thanks - I love a Bbag!
  4. Beautiful collection!!
  5. Lovely collection you got there.
  6. Gorgeous, the turquoise city is to die for !
  7. TDF collection! :biggrin:
  8. I plan on adding more pics later. I was quite the Fendi baguette collector:smile:
  9. Holy Schmokes! Beautiful collection.
  10. Gorgeous collection! I love the colors of your city bags :heart: :flowers:
  11. Gorgeous! Love the bbags :love::love:
  12. [​IMG]

  13. all of your bags are very nice! i especially got excited when i saw the MJ Adina! is it a heavy bag (like most MJs)?
  14. Sort of, but no different than my others. I love it anyway.:love:
  15. luv all the B-bags! and I can't wait to see your Fendis