Shoefly Winter Shoe Sale

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  1. This weekend, I stumbled on Shoefly's ( winter clearance sale. Their entire stock, much of which is already marked down, is an additional 30% off. They have some great stuff. Happy shopping!:yahoo:
  2. wierd everytime I click on ana button nothing happens they just disappear haha
  3. Thanks Kathy K! I've been looking for shoes this weekend. I'll go check this out!
  4. They have some cute pumps, thanks for posting.
  5. Thanks! I bought these in black for about $70. Turned out they were the last ones in my size. I'm excited to receive them!


    P.S. I tried to price match on Zappos, but Zappos didn't have my size. It might work out for someone else, though!
  6. just wanted to post that it's up to 40% off now!
  7. Does anyone know if the Ugg flip flops run the same way in size as the boots?
  8. I went an entire size up on mine. I was really suprised when I tried on my regular size because I just couldn't get my foot all the way into it! They're so fluffy I would advise going a size up. They're adorable and comfortable and 30-something is a really good deal, I paid like $45 for mine, I got the pink ones!! Don't get black, the dye will stain your foot.
  9. Thanks! those are some really amazing deals, I already have two boots in my basket
  10. I'm glad I asked...I would have gone down a size like the boots.
    And thanks for the tip on the black...I think I'll get pink.
  11. It looks like they accept Paypal... I think... But can't find a way to pay using that method... LOL! Being too lazy to get my credit card.