Shoebuyer37's collection

  1. thanks for sharing!!! i LUVVVV your LAMB Gratham (?).. I WISH to have one like that in Rasta... :girlsigh:
  2. Love the white MJ!
  3. Love all of them, I think you have great taste..very diverse! Thanks for posting:tup:
  4. Love your MJ collection :tup:
  5. Thanks for posting, beautiful collection!
  6. I looooove that EPI Speedy... great collection overall, and some nice "deal" pieces!!
  7. Thanks all, you are too sweet!
  8. Awesome collection - thanks for sharing ! :yes:
  9. Great collection!
  10. Nice!
  11. Great collection. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Wow! I love the variation of bags! That blue Epi Speedy looks amazing!
  13. Great collection!
  14. nice ... thanks for sharing!