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  1. I realized that has couture items such as:

    iam you think its all 100% authentic since they seem like such a big retailer and the prices dont seem too good to be true they look ok?
  2. thanks but i wish i knew more!
  3. I've only purchase 1 pair of shoes from them, but the L.A.M.B. pair I received was authentic. They also seem able to support referral relationships with rebate sites, for whatever that is worth.

    Bizrate info:
  4. Bump...?
    I'm looking into spending american express rewards points on the shopAmex site, and some of the products you can buy come from this site. I'm looking at:
    Since its a year after this was posted, wondering if anyone has any more information?
  5. I shop there a lot. Especially for my kids and I have never had a problem. They also have good coupons/discounts and they also give you a extra 10% off just for being a member.
  6. is good. I've purchased from them before (shoes not bags though) and they are all authentic. Their parent company also owns,, and It's a reputable company.
  7. I have bought a Bottega Veneta from them and they are authentic.
  8. I'm a regular from shoebuy as well and everything received has been authentic. I've been quite happy with them. Someone else mentioned coupons for members, they have coupons for the public (non-member) as well here, anyone can use them: shoebuy coupon

    Best of luck,