- 25% off F & F Private Sale - 12/03-12/06

  1. also, free shipping, no sales tax and no charge on returns... Good for a new pair of winter Merrell clogs among others, also good for kid shoes like Stride Rite, they have the XW sizes.
  2. Is there a code?
  3. I got an email that I forward if you want to PM me your email address.


    Contact Customer Service toll-free at 1-888-200-8414 and mention the "Friends & Family Private Sale Email" to receive your discount.

  4. Use code PRIVATE07.
  5. Didn't work for Merrell. Since it's F&F I hoped it would, codes never include Merrell!
  6. I just got the e-mail today and it worked on a pair of Ecco's that always cost $150.00. I'm so happy, that is such a huge savings. There is no code, you just have to purchase through the link and it automatically deducts the 25% for you. It specifically says "ON ANY PURCHASE." If you PM your e-mail to me, I can forward the e-mail they sent.