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  1. Anyone ever order from them? Is their CS and shipping good?
  2. I have never purchased from them before, but am going to check them out. If you go through ******, you get 10% back. Good deal.
  3. woops, I guess I wrote something I shouldn't. Sorry!
  4. Marjuriel,

    Honestly I would suggest you buy from instead. I ordered my shoes from them on Friday evening and ordered two more pair on yesterday and guess what? They are already in the UPS system set to be delivered to me on tomorrow! They have FREE overnight shipping (Monday-Friday)

    Short story: I ordered my first purchase from two weeks ago. I ordered 2 pairs of shoes from the same label on their site at the same time. After 5 days I finally received a shipping confirmation from them. However, after 3 days again, I saw that UPS had the status listed as 'billing info received' only. So I contacted them. They said they would escalate the issue with the manufacturer right away. I'm certain they did this because immediately afterwards I checked the UPS site and saw that the status had changed and that a new expected delivery date had been selected.
    However, the expected date of delivery would mean that I would get my shoes 2 full weeks after I initially ordered. I also saw that they broke my order up into two shipments. One arrived on this past Friday and I am still awaiting the 2nd pair which is due to be here on tomorrow....***tapping fingers***. I Love the shoes I ordered and that's the only reason why I am still patiently waiting but I will NEVER order from them again.
    Not sure if it is there fault or the manufacturers fault but I can tell you that the free shipping and no taxes isn't worth it for me...especially when Endless seems to be doing so much better.

    This is my experience and it may be rare but that's enough for me to not order from them again.
  5. ^^^thanks for the info! :smile:
  6. I went to Endless before going to Shoebuy, they didn't have the 2 styles I wanted. I found them on Zappo's but they only had 1 style too. I just looked at the account and it still says order pending, I really wanted these shoes for Tuesday but its not looking good. I also looked to see if I can cancel the order and there is no place to cancel it??
  7. If you ordered from Shoebuy then chances are----from my personal experience---that you definitely won't have them by Tuesday. If you want to do anything with this order now (cancel or get expedited shipping--which I'm not sure they offer) with them you will have to call them. They were too much of a hassle for me. I order online all of the time and have never experienced such TERRIBLE service or such a long delay in shipping. Their CS is actually kind---at least the two CS reps I dealt with were. Unfortunately their kindness didn't get me my shoes any faster.
  8. I tried to cancel my order, they told me >maybe< it would be shipped out Tuesday, I said don't ship it, I want to cancel, they told me that it still may process because the shipping department possibly would not see the email from the rep. :shrugs: They need a better system, they really do.

    I am surprised that sells the shoes from SB on their site since they are promoting Endless being its their new company. Hopefully Endless will get more brands in and I will shop there. 20% off was a good deal, but I need the shoes while I am still young enough to wear them :hysteric:
  9. I just bought some shoes from shoebuy for an upcoming trip. I'm in no hurry to get them, so I thought it was still worth it to purchase from them, even if it takes a week+ to get them. If you want shoes quickly, you may have to pay a higher price and go with another website. To me, there are pros and cons and depends on your situation.
  10. Just wanted to follow up by saying that my shoes arrived within 1 week of ordering - faster than I expected, and faster than I required!

    This 20% discount through Shoebuy was totally worth it for me! Thanks to the OP! I did notice that the package originated in SoCal though, so perhaps that is partly why it arrived so quickly.
  11. The shoes I ordered from never arrived. I complained after three days and they gave me a refund and mentioned that the shoes I'd ordered are no longer in stock.