Shoe Vent

  1. Okay, this is not about a luxury brand. I wish it could be but with size 12 wide feet, not an option.

    This is about the worst customer service I have ever had, and why I will never order from Aerosoles again. Just venting. Feel free to add your rants here!

    Last Dec., hubby got me a pair of nice brown leather boots. Not fancy but very, very comfortable and since they fit I was thrilled. They came a little later than advertised but I liked them enough to order a similar pair in black. The website said 2-5 days and I put down my info secure in the knowledge that I'd be wearing them the following week.

    Two weeks later, sans boots, I called. The Aerosoles customer service person told me that from what they could tell (that's never a confidence-inducing statement) the order had been delayed. Should be shipping any day now!'s Christmastime, sure. I can see that. I'm a very patient.

    Two weeks after that, into January, I call again. Oh! Did we forget to mention it's backordered? WHUPS! I received no note, no email, no call about backorder...thanks a bunch, okay fine I'll wait. Please let me know when I can expect them. I am told Jan. 29th. I change my billing and shipping address as we have moved at the beginning of 2008, verify that they will ship to the new address. I request that I be told of any delays or further backorders and wait.

    So, round the first week of Feb., I call and skip the oblivious, undertrained customer service drones and go right to the manager. WHERE ARE MY BLOODY BOOTS??

    Oh, they're still backordered she says. What? Could no one have told me this? I asked to be told! After a very ugly call, I get $20 off and am assured that they will ship "soon".

    Two days later, I get an auto-email telling me that the order has been canceled. WHAT? I call, going right to the manager again whose reception to me has markedly cooled. The order is reinstated. The shoes are in stock now. In the meantime, my Amex has been charged.

    A week later...yes a WEEK later....I call again. At this point I am frostily furious. The manager protests that they sent the shoes. I ask her where. Why, to my OLD ADDRESS of course! The one that I changed back a few weeks ago! I ask her what the address on file is and it's my new address. I ask her WHY this order is going to the OLD address and she has no answer except that it must have slipped through.

    The shoes were stolen from my old front porch already, btw. Had a neighbor check.

    So, a replacement pair was shipped last Thurs, supposedly 2nd day air. Didn't get them Sat. so I got the tracking number only to find they were slated to be delivered OLD ADDRESS. Surprise!

    Needless to say the manager has become more and more ugly every time I call. They have my money, I do not have my shoes. I do intend to make this known to every person I can convince to NOT shop at Aerosoles, as they will not give out her supervisor's number, and I cannot find the address of the CEO or CFO or anyone above her to complain to. I have no recourse further in the company so all I can say is...stay away. This company has terrible customer service. They obviously have no communication, or don't bother to check. I am hell-bent on riding this out to a pair of boots but take the above as a warning about what to expect from them.

    Venting off. Thanks for reading!
  2. What a royal PIA!!!
  3. That stinks. I hate poor customer service.
    (Heres my little vent)
    As a warning for those who buy from, be careful when entering your shipping address, make sure you enter it correctly. I entered half my old address/half my new address (lol) last week and when I called customer service they couldn't change it at all, even though the item hadn't left the warehouse yet. The only thing they could do is cancel it, which would put it back on the site for anyone to buy without any guarantee that I would be able to re-buy it in time. Ugh. So I ended up having to call UPS and go through it with them. Not the worst situation, I'll likely buy from them again. Just another thing to keep in mind when ordering from Yoox online.
  4. That's not really Yoox's fault though is it!!
  5. It's not their fault I entered the wrong address but a company in control of their merchandise should be able to do something as simple as changing an address if the item hasn't even left the warehouse yet. Or at the very least be able to cancel the original order and put it back in the system themselves so the buyer does not lose the item if they cancel to change the address. I dont think it's an unreasonable request. I had to wait two days until the item DID ship and go through a whole other company to fix the problem even though I caught it while the resolution was still in the hands of the original company.