Shoe vent...sort of.

  1. Does it bother anybody else when you see someone with really disgusting feet and they are wearing beautiful open toed shoes? No amount of money spent on a shoe is going to give you nice feet if your hooves are gross with hammertime and corns! Plus feet hanging over the front of shoes or the heels hanging off the back. This just really grosses me out. Check out to see what I mean. They show close ups. :throwup: I rarely see a female celeb with nice feet. Why can't they just cover them up? I mean, look at this:
  2. In that pic she has a pedicure and her feet don't look too bad. It's just that the shoes are too small!

    But yeah, nobody wants to see nasty feet. I recall working with a female attorney not long ago and looking down and seeing she had on open toed shoes with a raunchy old pedicure. Yuck.
  3. In the photo you posted it just looks as though she tried to squeeze her feet in the shoes that don't fit... her feet aren't gross.

    That said, I agree, who wants to see nasty gross feet?! I was going home from work one day (I use public transit) and this girl had the dirtiest feet. It just grosses me out to no end. I don't know why I feel so strongly but I do.
  4. I just cannot comprehend why someone would wear revealing shoes if their feet were dirty or unkept. It really isn't that much work to either schedule a pedicure or do one yourself before putting on open-toed shoes! The number of yellow toenails and grey callouses I see in the warmer months just turns my stomach. Yuck!

    As for ill-fitting shoes, I can't figure that out, either. Unless a person finds a pair of shoes so gorgeous they must buy them, despite them not fitting their feet, there is no excuse. And even then, buying them doesn't mean you have to wear them in public! There are plenty of shoes made for all kinds of feet. People with wide feet or other characteristics may not have the same selection, but we all have to work with what we have to look our best, not cram ourselves into things that don't fit and pretend!
  5. I totally agree. I was actually thinking of it this morining when I saw this woman with flip flops on and her toes were just the ugliest oddest things ive ever seen...they were all going different ways & were different colors(natural different colors, not polish) top it all off...some were long & some were short. It made me gag.
    Please...I know not everyone has cute least make an attempt to make them look better.
  6. Oh....& this goes for men too!!!
  7. I really, really hate pantyhose with open-toed shoes or sandals. Stocking-clad toes sticking out make me want to hurl.
  8. People who wear sandals with ugly toes, feet, etc.
    Bonus gross out ugly points if the thongs are of a light color and are absolutely grimy.

    I hate seeing people with ill-fitting shoes. I don't care how pretty or how great a deal they were, they just don't fit!

    Oh, and vinyl shoes. I hate seeing squished-up toes. No matter how pretty a foot is, when it's smooshed into a sausage casing like that, it's just not attractive.
  9. Beyonce has some of the worst feet ever. I totally thought of her when I saw this thread. She needs to take a break from her high heels lol.

    I hate overhang, sloppy pedicures, fungus on toenails and the sin of all sins, when the back of someone's foot is rough:yucky:.
  10. what bugs me endlessly why oh why celebrities can not make sure that they will get shoes in right size looks pathetic when they wear shoes one or two sizes too big and they have this big gap at the back between the shoe and the foot...uugh
  11. This is awful...I constantly see this on celebrities, one that comes to mind especially is Katie Holmes. I don't think that it is because their feet are ugly, it's just that their shoes don't fit.
    I am sure that this is because many times a celebrity is making an appearance they wear samples from design houses/stylists and the shoes just aren't their size.

    But it is totally gross to see dirty feet with sandals/flip flops. Unfortunately it is a common sighting in NY.
  12. Here are some more :yucky: Cameron Diaz whose feet look like they are from a vulture on a tree and Paris Hilton.

    Also, eBay auctions for shoes! Ladies I beg you, if you don't have nice feet, do not put your disgusting feet in them thinking they will help sell them! One person had feet like Shreck and thought it would help selling the shoes. Gross!
    christian_louboutin_sandals_cameron_diaz_golden_globes_2003_large.jpg rene_caovilla_sandals_paris_hilton.jpg
  13. I totally agree HubbaWubba. Whether the shoe doesnt fit or the feet are unkempt. I mostly feel sorry for the shoe though :nuts: