Shoe trends for Spring '08? What should we expect to see?

  1. What will we be seeing this Spring?

    So far from what I can tell, the ballet flat has morphed ino more of a loafer/moccasin shape. (Too bad, since I think the ballet flat is timeless and near perfection).

    Also I have read that sneaker wedges and sneaker heels are going to try and make a come back.

    Anybody have the skinny on what we should expect?
  2. Harper's is saying the new heel is "architectural."
  3. patent and bright colors.
  4. I sure hope not:throwup: sorry, i was just never a fan. i believe patent is going to continue to be big this spring. i've seen a lot of collections with super bright, super shiny patent leather.
  5. lol, i didn't see your post until after i posted mine! same thing:upsidedown:
  6. lol:smile: Sneaker heels? I know. I was never a fan either. I think they looked silly. But to be honest, I could totally see myself falling for them this time around. Not anything over the top like the stiletto Converse-style pointy-toed hightops from a few years ago. But I have seen some Michael Kors and Nine West athletic-inspired wedges this season that have caught my interest. I think they look fun and sassy.

    With most fashion trends, I am an early adopter but I am never the first out of the gate. I have to wait to see if the trend stands a chance with the critics. Then once I have embraced the style, I don't give a moment's thought to what the critics have to say anymore.
  7. I still have an old pair of sketchers sneaker heels.
  8. Sneaker style heels were big last spring at Dries Van Noten (who included them in their Fall collection as well) and this season Pierre Hardy has created a gorgeous, stiletto version. There are a lot of peep toe and cut out booties and booties this season, too. And whimsical takes on the classic pointy toe shoe like at Louis Vuitton are also a big trend for spring.
  9. very very skinny heels, not necessarily stiletto, some are architectural
  10. Ballet flats are going nowhere. Cropped capri pants and jeans are going to be huge and the obvious choice for those is ballet pumps. Lots of Audrey Hepburn looks are going to be around
  11. lots of colours!
  12. Sandals and Sneakers....
  13. patent's still in. so are wedges. colour is DEF. in...go for colours that REALLY pop like bright yellow, hot pink, electric blue etc. Metallics are still a go...esp. rose gold.

    ballet flats are def. still in but i think gladiator sandals are edging out...i could be wrong but i'm just quoting Elle!

    also, as someone else mentioned: funky heels! any shoe with an interesting heel (high ones like 3" +) are fun to play with too. i'm in LOVE with miu miu's shoes this season!
  14. more squared ballet flats, espadrille wedges, patent, metallics (more shiny than matte), bright colors.. a lot of everything really..
  15. Very elaborate heels, like decorated and the such.

    Jumping ahead to winter, expect to see the winter sandal.. a little weird, but it's a coming !