Shoe Talk!!!

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  1. Hi Everyone! :smile:

    I just wanted to get everyone's opinion on Coach shoes matching their handbag. Do you or would you mix fabrics (leather handbag w/ sig shoes and vice versa) or would you always try to match them? Do you think matching is tacky? If someone is wearing signature shoes should they tone down their handbag?? What about mixing colors???

    I normally like to match but I have a pair of brown signature print Ladie ballet flats and I normally don't match them to my bag but I think I would entertain the idea of carrying around my Carly :heart: when I wear them. My black sig flats are allllll black so you wouldn;t be able to tell what they were unless you are savvy ;), so I use Carly with those a lot.

  2. hhmmm for me personally if it looks good I wouldn't worry too much but I just bought a pair of siggy sneakers and have been thinking I will only wear them when I am wearing a plain or leather bag.. it just seems too much to me to have my siggy bag and the siggy shoes... unless I was wearing a chocolate siggy bag, then I think it would be fine. :yes:
  3. Yeah I think signature shoes would be best with a leather bag. JMO :smile:
  4. Siggy shoes with a siggy bag would be too much for me, but I tend not to be very flamboyant.
  5. ditto! :yes:
  6. I dont match signature but I try to match color... like if i have a brown bag i try to wear brown shoes but it doesnt always work out! colors that are in between i usually mix and match... like if i have a pink bag sometimes i wear purple shoes! i know i m weird
  7. I love to match.
  8. I agree with Super Star I often match because my sister buys me the shoes to match my handbags. I don't always wear the shoes 'but if I do 90% of the time I am wearing the matching handbag.
  9. well when i buy coach shoes i tend to go for the styles without teh c logo or in the black signature print as i do also feel that one can jump off into logo overkill but i must admit with te signture stripe ballet flats one can still do a signture bag and i must admit that when my freind borrowed my hamptons signture swing pack and wore them with her brown signature katlyn sneakersit did not look to much she looked quite sporty chic overal it is how ones overal outfit goes that will dictate if one is to wear signature shoes or not with a bag .. i for the most part will wear my signture black burke sneakers with my signature bags or my burke canvas sneakers with a signtaure bag .... i say when in doubt always go for the understated choice of the two
  10. Please do yourself a favor and do not match your sig purse with your sig shoes. There's nothing worse than logo overkill. IMO I just think it's tacky for people to match their logo hats with their logo bags with their logo belts to their logo shoes. :throwup: But I am all in favor for the leather purse with the sig shoes! :tup:
  11. LOL ya no worries I only wear two sig prints if it's black on black and khaki sig, etc. I just want to know what everyone thinks!!!! :smile:
    Mixing prints is supposed to be hot, but I can't really do that, I'm a little too neurotic...or a Virgo, LOL!!!! I love the leather with sig, no matter which piece is which!
  12. I never match my shoes to my bags. I have Coach, LV and Chanel shoes and actually try not to match them with any bag I have. My Coach tennis shoes are great though because they have the signature print on them but they're dark brown and the print isn't obvious so they look good with a lot of bags.
  13. It really depends on the pattern/color/style of the shoes and bag in question.

    I really want the Jilly Ballet Flats in Signature and I don't think i'd have any issue wearing them while carrying a Sig bag. However, I think Patchwork shoes and a Patchwork bag would be icky.
  14. i only own signature shoes...and wear em with signatrue purses...but thats just me...
  15. I think you technically could do it, as long as you are careful. But IMO it would be better not to. The other day I was on line behind a woman who had a black/white mini sig hat, belt, bag and shoes. It was just like ahhhh!!! too much! individually they are all great. but all together i feel like it almost starts to look fake, like you went down to canal street and picked up an outfit. But if youre just doing shoes and a bag and nothing else, i think youre probably ok.